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EEB volunteers at Feria de Ciencias

“We want them to see role models who are like them, who have a similar background, and who speak their native language." ~Kristel Sánchez

New publication explores how biodiversity can help scientists predict future pandemics

A collaborative article featuring Cody Thompson, UMMZ Mammal Collection Manager and Assistant Research Scientist, explores how scientists can use biodiversity to better predict future pandemics.

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Research Feature

A University of Michigan EEB led team documented 15 rare predator-prey interactions in the Amazon rainforest including images and video of a dinner plate-size tarantula dragging a young opossum.

Warning to arachnophobes: The video below is the stuff of nightmares!

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Please NoteThe Museum of Zoology is a research facility. It is not usually open to the public. Please refer to the Museum of Natural History website if you wish to visit.

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